[Fwd: 4.x make describe FAILURE]

Colin Percival cperciva at freebsd.org
Sat Nov 5 05:19:50 PST 2005

Kris Kennaway wrote:
> I just verified that the index builds on 5.x after my most recent
> commits.  If it's broken on 4.x from the gnome update, or broken
> because of the kde update, then that's someone else's problem :-)

The index build is broken on 4.x because of use of .warning in
bsd.gnome.mk.  This directive was added to make(1) in April 2004,
i.e., in HEAD between 4.x and 5.x, and was never MFCed to RELENG_4.

While there probably aren't many people using GNOME on FreeBSD 4.x
systems any more, the fact that this breaks index builds on 4.x
suggests that the .warning directive should probably not be used
in the ports tree at this time.

Colin Percival

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