VMware3 build error on 6.0

Gregory Nou gregorynou at altern.org
Sat Nov 5 02:16:13 PST 2005

NBP wrote:
> The drive.c file can't be compiled .
> How And Why ?
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http://bsdnews.com/view_story.php3?story_id=4938 could give you the 
beginning of an answer.

If you have a look at driver.c line 172, you see that it's looking for 
cdevsw.d_maj, and if you look at cdevsw struct definition, in 
/usr/include/sys/conf.h, line 189, you won't see any d_maj field.

if you read : 

Scottl says that "Major numbers are now dynamically assigned"

Try to comment the line, and say if it works.


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