Azureus_2.3.0.4 dependency missing

Sam Lawrance boris at
Fri Nov 4 20:10:04 PST 2005

On 05/11/2005, at 2:55 PM, Randy Bush wrote:

>> Look at the example in the pkg_which manpage and go through and clean
>> out all the old cruft you have on your system (back it up first in
>> case you make a mistake).
> # find /usr/local /usr/X11R6 -type f | xargs pkg_which -v | fgrep  
> '?' | wc
>    37912   75824 2379746
> uh, piping that to awk and rm would be a total disaster.  it would
> remove all of the current perl port, and 42 similar pieces.  going
> through by hand finds little it would do that actually needs to be
> done.  something is very broken here.

Perl would be one of the major victims of having  
FORCE_PACKAGE_REGISTER always set.  Many Perl-related files are  
installed with a version in the pathname.

For example, when portupgrading after a perl upgrade, the dependency  
checks run by the port makefile look under the new version pathname  
rather than the old version one.  The port would find no file under  
the new version and so proceeds to install the dependency (which  
ordinarily would fail if FORCE_PKG_REGISTER is not set), leaving  
behind crusty remnants of the old version.

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