java/eclipse - /usr/local/bin/eclipse fails

Panagiotis Astithas past at
Tue Nov 1 00:15:12 PST 2005

[LoN]Kamikaze wrote:
> Unfortunately the start script in /usr/local/bin/eclipse sets the
> JAVA_HOME variable and at least in my case causes the javavm wrapper
> script installed in /usr/local/bin/java -> /usr/local/bin/javavm which
> normally gets the JAVA_HOME from /usr/local/etc/javavms to fail.
> A much more simplified version of the eclipse start script (attached)
> that does not mess with the vm wrapper script works fine though.
> I'd suggest to replace the old one, so that the vm wrapper can do what
> it's supposed to do.

Could you describe how the current script fails for you? What does 
"env|grep JAVA" show?

I haven't heard of any other reports about this. Make sure you have 
ports/java/eclipse/Makefile rev. 1.42 and 
ports/java/eclipse/files/ rev. 1.6.


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