USE_JAVA implies jdk?

Archie Cobbs archie at
Tue Mar 29 07:30:05 PST 2005

Herve Quiroz wrote:
>>Could it be possible to say USE_JIKES=yes but not USE_JAVA=yes?
> So far, the USE_JAVA macro in has been implemented to
> support the multitude of available JDKs. USE_JIKES has been added so
> that Jikes may replace JAVAC in a transparent way (if already installed
> and not forbidden by the port).
> So for now, there's no USE_JIKES support for ports that don't use a JDK
> (and thus don't define USE_JAVA). You will have to define the build/run
> dependency manually.

Thanks, I'll do that (later).

> Anyway, that's not really related but someone (lioux IIRC) already
> pointed out to us that there are "alternative" Java implementations,
> such as GCJ, and I also had a look at Kaffe. Unfortunately, those Java
> tools are not supported by ATM (nor by javavmwrapper). This
> is mostly due to my lack of knowledge in the topic, although I think it
> could be great to support them as well.

Don't forget JCVM :-)


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