Fwd: Re: FreeBSD Port: k3b-0.11.20_1

Gregory Crosswhite cog at umd.edu
Sun Mar 27 19:03:35 PST 2005

Oops!  Michael just suggested that I should forward my reply to you all in 
case anyone else has any ideas.

PS:  I am capable of hacking code to fix this if need be, but I don't know 
where to find the documentation for the exact command that k3b is using to 
detect the write modes of the CD burner.  I did some googling and found some 
SCSI-2 command reference documentation online, but it didn't go into detail 
in the "MODE SENSE" or "GET CONFIGURATION" commands and how they apply to CD 
burners so I couldn't figure out what was going on.


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Subject: Re: FreeBSD Port: k3b-0.11.20_1
Date: Monday 21 March 2005 16:01
From: Gregory Crosswhite <cog at umd.edu>
To: Michael Nottebrock <michaelnottebrock at gmx.net>

On Monday 21 March 2005 15:18, you wrote:
> On Monday, 21. March 2005 20:56, Gregory Crosswhite wrote:
> > The end result is that although it detects my cdrw as a Reader, it
> > doesn't detect it as a Writer.
> Shot in the dark: Try putting a recordable medium into the writer before
> running k3b.

Thanks for the quick reply!  I tried starting k3b both with and without a
recordable medium.  Both of these tests were performed after first rebooting
the computer with medium loaded in the writer (so that FreeBSD detected it
when starting up) and then rebooting with the writer empty.  I got the same

- Greg


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