How to get send-pr/porttools working when on a cable (dsl) provider link

Danny Pansters danny at
Sun Mar 27 19:00:25 PST 2005

Hi all,

Just migrated all my stuff to a new machine and having troubles sending any 
mail to the freebsd lists and inparticular with send-pr. I have a cable modem 
connected to my gateway which connects to a gbit switch through which the 
other pcs connect. The cable provider uses dhcp. I get my IP ok and my 
hostname (sent through dhclient also, otherwise logging on doesn't work) is 
danny at I have set up pf to do nat and filtering. 
It's not a firewall problem.

I'm having problems getting sendmail (from my desktp -- a client behind the 
gateway) to be eligible to send mail to the freebsd servers, particularly 

I already set my isp's smtp as smart relay in and did make, but now 
my FQDN hostname is not considered cosher (helo)... its desktop.homenet, a 
local name.

How do I solve this?

(also...contrast this inconvenience with every non-subscribed spammer being 
able to spam us if she has a colo set up properly...)

Thanks very much,


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