eclipse for amd64

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Fri Mar 25 14:34:49 PST 2005

RW wrote:
> On Friday 25 March 2005 22:00, Chuck Robey wrote:
>>I wanted to build eclipse, now that I finally have a native jdk15
>>working for my amd64, but I am chagined to find that the port is listed
>>as being for ARCH i386 only.  Anyone know if this is a case of there
>>being a real tesstable architectural problem, or if it's merely a fact
>>of lack of amd64 testing?
> There is a specific list for AMD64, where you would be better of asking. There 
> was a recent thread about the number of ports marked as  i386 only, where it 
> was suggested that people test them out, so their status can be changed. 

Couldn't decide ... it's  defintely a java port, it's pretty easiy to 
make a case of that one, and seeing as I couldn't decide, and I would 
rather not cross-post, I did this.  I think I finally decided to use the 
Java list, 'cause too many of the issues are Java-specific, not amd64.

I will stop sending this to the ports list, though.  I don't like cross 
posting, I'll take nearly any excuse to avoid it.

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