using procmail-3.22_4 pkg on FreeBSD 4.6.1

Brooks Davis brooks at
Tue Mar 22 19:11:15 PST 2005

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 07:03:41PM -0800, Kurt Bigler wrote:
> I have a FreeBSD virtual server with this version:
>     FreeBSD 4.6.1-RELEASE-p10 (VPSHOST) #3: Wed Aug  7 06:17:46 EDT 2002
> Yesterday I acquired procmail-3.22_4 via pkg_add from the FreeBSD site.  I
> don't know why I ended up with _4 rather than _5 but I had a lot of
> difficulty getting the package and I hope this is no issue.
> I'm not sure if there are requirements about coordinating versions of
> packages with versions of FreeBSD, I seem to recall that but can't find the
> info now.
> In any case, when I run formail (part of procmail) I get this error:
>     ELF interpreter /libexec/ not found
> Just for laughs I created /libexec and in it symbolic link to
> which on my system is located in /usr/libexec.
> Upon doing that I get instead:
>     /libexec/ Shared object "" not found
> at which point I gave up.
> Should I expect the pkg to work correctly on my FreeBSD 4.6.1?

No.  You have somehow convinced the pkg_add tool to install a 5.x
package under 4.x.  That won't work.  A 4.11 package might work, but we
don't guarantee that.  You really should upgrade to a recent version of
FreeBSD if at all possible.  If nothing else, you should not be running
4.6.1 since that release was pulled and never saw the light of day for
most of the world.

-- Brooks

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