Kopete-0.10 in KDE-3.4 core dump

Jie Gao jeffgaofreebsd at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 13:18:07 PST 2005

Hi All,

I don't know if anybody else is experiencing this but I got a
repeatable core dump in kopete-0.10 from kdenetwork-3.4.0.

Whenever I try to open "Configure Kopete" menu and click on the
"Appearance" icon on the left, I will get a core dump. And this also
happens if I simply close a MSN chat window.

I tried different packages: test package from rabarber.fruitsalad,
package built from final ports by myself, latest package from
pointyhat, but all got the same result. The core file got hundreds of
libpthread related backtrace item in gdb. I also carefully checked the
configure output on my computer, as well as the Makefiles, all
threading flags are -pthread, which should not be a problem on

Anyone has ideas?


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