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Tue Mar 22 06:16:43 PST 2005

On Monday, 21. March 2005 20:47, Chuck Robey wrote:
> I've been looking for info that certain ports use to store options ... I
> have looked in the porters handbook andthe general handbook, no joy, and
> yet I know that there are some ports that do no store their options in
> cookie files, or in the environment.  There's some sort of data base,
> something in /var/run, or something like that.


> Can I get pointed at that code?  It doesn't seem to be documented
> anywhere I can find.  The reason I care is, it doesn't seem to be
> cleaned out by 'make clean', and while I think that's VERY wrong,

Removing them on make clean would defy the purpose of this way of setting 

> I need 
> to know how to reset this options.

Cd to the portdir and type 'make config' to change your options. Type 'make 
rmconfig' to delete set options, if present. To change or delete the options 
of all the dependencies of this port as well, type 'make config-recursive' or 
make 'rmconfig-recursive' respectively. To reset saved options, you can also 
simply delete the respective directory below /var/db/ports.

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