mail/policyd name conflict

Anton Berezin tobez at
Tue Mar 22 00:49:13 PST 2005


We have a PR (ports/79070) for a new port named mail/policyd, which does
the following:

> Policyd is an anti-spam plugin for Postfix (written in C) that does
> greylisting, sender (envelope or SASL) based throttling (on messages
> and/or volume per defined time unit) and Spamtrap monitoring /
> blacklisting.
> Author:	cami at
> WWW:

clsung brought to my attention that we in fact already have a
mail/policyd port.  I would imagine that typically in this situation
this would mean tough luck for the newer submission.  In this instance,
however, it looks like the "policyd" name really suits the new port
better than the existing one, which is:

	This is a C port of Meng Wong's policyd for Postfix. The original
	code is available from
	It implements SPF for postfix, as a policy daemon.


So, while both ports use postfix'es policy mechanism, the new port is
much broader in scope.

So I'd like to suggest to rename the existing mail/policyd to
mail/policyd-spf, for example.  It might be a good idea to rename the
new port to mail/policyd-somethingelse anyway, if we can come up with a
sufficiently descriptive (and short!) "somethingelse" part.

What do you guys think about it?

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