php5-imap / cclient IPv6 issue ?

Arnaud Boudou skuld at
Mon Mar 21 08:19:49 PST 2005


I'm trying to get php5-imap and cclient working with IPv6 working, but I 
can't. PHP supports IPv6 (tested with fsocket functions), my IMAP 
daemons listen on IPv6 interfaces, and cclient seems to be compiled with 
  IPv6 support (according to 
/usr/ports/mail/cclient/work/imap-2004c1/c-client/Makefile). But 
/usr/ports/mail/cclient/work/Makefile sets IP to 4 instead of 6.

While trying to connect to IMAP with php5-imap, PHP returns me an error 
saying it can resolve the hostname (this hostname only resolve with 
IPv6). Giving the litteral IPv6 address, with ou without enclosing 
brackets give an error too.

I wonder if the /usr/ports/mail/cclient/work/Makefile file with IP=4 is 
not the cause of this ?

Arnaud Boudou

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