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Adam Weinberger adamw at
Sun Mar 20 18:15:20 PST 2005

Paul J. Pathiakis wrote:
> Hi,
>         ummm... please?  It makes an awesome addition to the desktop.  
> Is it possible to be placed in the present FreeBSD KDE distro?  If not, 
> could there at least be a port completed?
>         I ask as I'm trying to move FreeBSD to the desktop and my BETA 
> testers are now requesting it.  I have two testers, one with a full 
> iPod and the other with an iPod mini.  I have found gtkpod and it's ok, 
> however, it doesn't seem to integrate into KDE very well.
> 	(Please don't ask me to port it.  I REALLY don't have time.  Been outta 
> work for 2 years and feverishly trying to get a company going so I can 
> support myself and family. :-) I hope to have extra cycles some day to 
> really help out the project.  Of course, helping FreeBSD to penetrate 
> other that the server market could be considered help, right?  :-D )
>         Thank you!!
>         P.
> PS - Please?!

I installed gnupod once, and all it did was trash the files on my iPod. 
I have little desire to see more ports based on gnupod. Gtkpod and 
Rhythmbox both read the ipod's internal database.

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