Guipod request

Paul J. Pathiakis pathiaki at
Sun Mar 20 17:05:56 PST 2005


        ummm... please?  It makes an awesome addition to the desktop.  
Is it possible to be placed in the present FreeBSD KDE distro?  If not, 
could there at least be a port completed?

        I ask as I'm trying to move FreeBSD to the desktop and my BETA 
testers are now requesting it.  I have two testers, one with a full 
iPod and the other with an iPod mini.  I have found gtkpod and it's ok, 
however, it doesn't seem to integrate into KDE very well.

	(Please don't ask me to port it.  I REALLY don't have time.  Been outta 
work for 2 years and feverishly trying to get a company going so I can 
support myself and family. :-) I hope to have extra cycles some day to 
really help out the project.  Of course, helping FreeBSD to penetrate 
other that the server market could be considered help, right?  :-D )

        Thank you!!


PS - Please?!

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