HEADS UP: KDE 3.4 committed to ports

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Sun Mar 20 10:19:52 PST 2005

In KDE 3.4, a number of files were moved between ports, some ports
were added, one port has been removed and some applictions formerly available
in their own ports were incorporated into KDE. This means that you will have 
to take some precautions to update your KDE installation. A simple 
portupgrade -a will not work.

Portupgrade -R kde can fail as well, depending on what parts of KDE you
have currently installed. We therefore recommend sticking to the following
procedure. The procedure requires you to have sysutils/portupgrade installed
and you to be the superuser (or using sudo). We recommend not being logged in
to a KDE session on the machine you're performing the upgrade on. If you
choose to perform the update while being logged in to KDE, expect erratic
behaviour and crashes from applications launched until you log out and back 

  1.) Delete installed packages which conflict with the updated KDE

      	pkg_deinstall -f kdeartwork-\[0-9\]\* kdebase-\[0-9\]\* \
	kdebase-konqueror-nsplugins-\[0-9\]\* kdewebdev-\[0-9\]\* \
	kde-\[0-9\]\* akregator\* phase\*

  2.) Now update the remaining KDE ports.

      	portupgrade arts\* kde\*

      or, if you want to update KDE along with other updated ports:

      	portupgrade -a

  3.) Reinstall the KDE ports you deleted in step 2.

      	portinstall -O kdebase kdeartwork kdewebdev

  Changes in detail:

	- www/akregator is now included into deskutils/kdepim3.
	- x11-themes/phase is now included in x11-themes/kdeartwork3.
	- www/konqueror-nsplugins has been removed and is now integrated into
	- Juk has been split out of multimedia/kdemultimedia3 and is now
          available as audio/juk.
	- Akode has been split out of multimedia/kdemultimedia3 and is now
          available as audio/akode and audio/akode-plugins-*. Akode is also
	  a default dependency of multimedia/kdemultimedia3 now.
	- audio/mpeglib_artsplug has been demoted to legacy status and is no
          longer the default decoder backend for kdemultimedia3. It's also not
          depended on by kdemultimedia3 by default anymore.

  Known post-updating issues:

  - If you're missing acoustic notifications (system sounds) after the update:

    	rm ~/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc

    Then log out of KDE and back in again (also see 

  - kdm users might get warnings from kdm about obsolete lines in kdmrc.
    You can migrate your configuration while preserving your customizations
    by running (as root or with sudo)


    Make sure to backup your old kdm configuration (usually found in
    /usr/local/share/config/kdm) beforehand in case the merge produces an
    invalid configuration. Especially note that kdm does not use the Xservers
    file anymore. A genkdmconf run will merge its contents into kdmrc.

Extensive information about changes and new features of KDE 3.4 can be found
at http://developer.kde.org/development-versions/kde-3.4-features.html. Bugs
can be reported at http://bugs.kde.org.

Due to a fatal hardware failure at the KDE/FreeBSD package build cluster, we 
won't be able to provide binary packages at this point. Sorry folks.

Have fun with KDE!

On the behalf of the whole KDE/FreeBSD team,
   ,_,   | Michael Nottebrock               | lofi at freebsd.org
 (/^ ^\) | FreeBSD - The Power to Serve     | http://www.freebsd.org
   \u/   | K Desktop Environment on FreeBSD | http://freebsd.kde.org
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