moving from gs-gnu to gs-gpl

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Sun Mar 20 02:10:49 PST 2005


After some time playing with this, I found that the ghostscript 
transition to gs-gpl is now possible.

But I don't think we can make cups-pstoraster work well with gs-afpl.  
Memory management in gs-afpl is too different and I think we must wait 
to main cups changes.

This show me the need to change when we move to gs-gpl to 

Due to the ports freeze, I doubt this can be take before 5.4, but I'll 
try, at last, have the changes to gs ports taken before freeze.

Also, I doubt in the correct form to take this.  Let me know what is 
prefered: a follow-up to current PR with all the patches or a suspend 
and split aproach (To make possible take part of this).

thanks in advance,

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