Changing username of postgresql port

Palle Girgensohn girgen at
Fri Mar 18 19:11:24 PST 2005

--On torsdag, mars 17, 2005 10.12.50 -0500 Vivek Khera <vivek at> 

> On Mar 14, 2005, at 6:56 AM, Palle Girgensohn wrote:
>> You're not the first to ask about this, and I'd like to make the
>> username dynamic. I do think it shall default to pgsql though, at
>> least if the userid already exists, so running configs will not break.
>> If you want to send me patches, please do, I'll be much obliged. :-)
> I don't think it is so much important that the *system* user be
> configurable as it is that the postgres super-user be configurable.
> That's all the postgres server cares about, and that's what shows up in
> the dumps.  It doesn't matter that the superuser name is not the same as
> that of the system account.

Actually, it might even be A Good Thing (tm) to keep them separated, so ppl 
won't mix them up. I installed postgresql on a windows system yesterday 
(first time hardly ever use the OS). Anyway, the installer stressed that 
there shoudl be a system user and postgres super user, and that shoudl 
prefereably *not* be the same. That said, on unix it is a bit practical to 
keep them the same, I guess.

And I guess you want to be able to configure both user names?

>  Please see my PR from a few days ago.  It is
> *trivial* to support this.

Ah, yes, that's quite trivial. Dunno why I didn't use -l in the first 
place, plain stupid I guess ;^)  I'll commit it promptly!

> With this in place, I just edit ~pgsql/.profile to set PGUSER=postgres
> (and export it), then
> su - pgsql -c 'initdb -U postgres'
> and my whole PG system is now using "postgres" as the super user.

Yeah, that was the idea. I guess I forgot somewhere along the line... :)

> I suppose we could also set the PGUSER equivalent command line args via
> twiddles in rc.conf.

Nah, better to fix the startup script.


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