ports/78944: htdig depends on a very specific apache

Florian Hars hars at bik-gmbh.de
Fri Mar 18 05:41:33 PST 2005

Doug Barton wrote:
> It actually doesn't depend on a specific apache, it depends on
> the value of ${APACHE_PORT}, which on the ports building
> cluster is (has to be) a specific value. 

I tried to install the package, and it did indeed require this and
only this version of apache, although it doesn't even need any
apache at all.
This is a serious design error of the ports/packages system.

> You can also force the package to install without dependencies
> if you need to use the package. 

And it will still download and try to install any packages it
erroneously thinks it depends on.

> For future reference, "Look at Debian" is a completely
> useless suggestion

Unlike FreeBSD, package management on debian mostly works, so the
suggestion is far from useless.

 > You would have been better off talking
 > about this issue on freebsd-ports at freebsd.org.

If you say so.

And don't get me started on p5-DBD-Pg.

Yours, Florian.

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