KDE sounds gone (system notification)

Axel Gonzalez loox at e-shell.net
Thu Mar 17 21:50:36 PST 2005

Yesterday I upgraded ports, and somewhere along the way, all sounds where 

This was done after the gnome big update (i did that on sunday).

Could this be relatred to the recent audio/flac update? I dont really know 
what port caused the problem... just noticed after the sounds were gone.

artsd is running ok, noatunand and JuK work ok, even artsplay works.

I've rebuilt kdelibs, kdebase and kdemultimedia to no avail (need to rebuild 
something else?)

The temporary workaround was to use external player (artsplay), and sounds are 

If I remove the external player, all sounds are gone, and clicking the play 
button next to file name has no effect (file is ok, and plays when external 
player is enabled)

can someone pleas give some light on this issue ? or perhaps i'll have to wait 
till 3.4 is on the ports.

thanks in advance

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