X.Org ports upgraded to 6.8.2

Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at ijs.si
Thu Mar 17 15:37:56 PST 2005

Upgrade of X.Org ports has just been commited to ports tree. You can find the 
release notes at

* General note:                                                        *
* Please use portupgrade or similar tools to upgrade ports in proper   *
* order, especially if you are upgrading from 6.7 or changing          *
* X_WINDOW_SYSTEM setting.                                             *
* imake should be upgraded first, then xorg-libraries and then others. *

(From commit log as I have no imagination whatsoever to come up with something 
Thanks to kris and krion for running several cluster test builds,
maintainers of GNOME for prompt responses, portmgr for postponing ports
freeze for this update, testers on FreeBSD-X11@ list and others that I
might have mised here.

Also included:
- fix for ATI Mobility on Dell Inspiron 7500 (obtained from Marc Aurele La
  France; obtained and tested by julian)
- fix for kbd driver on Sparc64 (tested by Aaron Dudek, Michael G. Jung and
  Matthias Muthmann), which still appears to have problems with some
  keyboards - so
- fix for kbd driver on PC98 (reported and tested by NAKAJI Hiroyuki; PR
- fix for i810 on HP D530 (obtained from Egbert Eich; obtained and tested
  by Anders Nor Berle; PR ports/74757)

Have fun!


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