Porting Blender2.36 to 5.3

Fernan Aguero fernan at iib.unsam.edu.ar
Thu Mar 17 12:22:53 PST 2005

+----[ Henry Kaminski <deskdrop at hotmail.com> (17.Mar.2005 17:06):
| I am excited about getting the current version of blender working on my 
| system this morning.
| Thank you for considering the addition of my work to the ports collection.

The port for blender already exists in the ports collection
and it is being maintained by dyeske at yahoo.com
See: www.freshports.org/graphics/blender

However, it is at version 2.25, so perhaps you can resend
this as an update (in the form of a diff). 

Start with a copy of the already existing port and modify it
accordingly. Then just do:
diff -ruN current_port_dir/ your_modified_copy/ > blender.diff

and send the resulting .diff file using send-pr(1), with a copy
to the maintainer.

When in doubt, check with the porter's handbook:

or ask again in the list for help.


| COMMENT=       This port is a binary maintained by the Blender Foundation. 
| I just
|               made the port work in FreeBSD 5.3 by also installing the port
|               /usr/ports/dev/sdl1.2 w/ make install and then typing 
| ./blender to
|               start blender in an X window. It works in both Enlightenment 
| and
|               Gnome on my system.

So perhaps the update would be as easy as changing the PORTVERSION and
adding a RUN_DEPENDS entry for devel/sdl12?

Do not forget to update the distinfo file, and to check if
the existing pkg-plist also needs to be updated (check the
section on automated package list creation in the porter's

Hope this helps,


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