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Thu Mar 17 02:16:43 PST 2005


Trying to upgrade few gtk-based ports, I noticed in /usr/src/UPDATING
the following:

  AFFECTS: all users who have glib/gtk/gnome libraries installed
  AUTHOR: ahze at and the FreeBSD gnome team

  Gnome has been upgraded to 2.10 and gtk/glib to 2.6.
  DO NOT USE portupgrade(1) to update any gnome or gtk
  or any port that depends on them. Using portupgrade
  will cause problems and you will have to manually
  upgrade ports.  Please use the
  script from"

All well, I started then, after few hours, the upgrade
process stopped with:


ERROR: /usr/local/sbin/portinstall failed to install
graphics/libexif-gtk. The output of the failed build is in
/var/tmp/gnome_upgrade_log.6fVw8B.  If you require additional help in
figuring out why the upgrade failed, please compress
/var/tmp/gnome_upgrade_log.6fVw8B and send it to
freebsd-gnome at

INFO: If you wish to resume this upgrade where it left off, re-run this
script with the "-restart /var/tmp/gnome_upgrade_lst.6gdwIr" argument."

Looking at the above mentioned file I saw that libexif-gtk build fails:

"gtk-exif-content-list.c: In function
`gtk_exif_content_list_update_entry': gtk-exif-content-list.c:408: too
many arguments to function `exif_entry_get_value'
gtk-exif-content-list.c: In function `gtk_exif_content_list_add_entry':
gtk-exif-content-list.c:434: too many arguments to function
`exif_entry_get_value' *** Error code 1

Stop in
/usr/ports/graphics/libexif-gtk/work/libexif-gtk-0.3.4/libexif-gtk. ***
Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/graphics/libexif-gtk/work/libexif-gtk-0.3.4.
*** Error code 1"

I found (among others) the following posts:

Now, my question is:
Is there a way to exclude libexif-gtk dependency? I really need my gtk
ports back :)
I excluded from this message (but not from the previous post to
freebsd-gnome@) the compressed log file from obvious reasons (~200KB),
but it is still available upon request.

Thank you

Adrian Pircalabu

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