libgnomevfs2 (2.10) and KDE apps

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Wed Mar 16 17:42:11 PST 2005


I'm one of that fools who must install Xservers with KDE/gnome/xfce and let 
the user select his desktop (Over 20 Servers and hundreds users).

Again, libgnomevfs2 makes KDE apps appear in the application menu without 
icons (there aren't KDE icons where gnome searchs).

But Now, there isn't a knob to disable this.

After some investigation, I found that I can get a more correct behavior using 
a XDG_DATA_DIRS env of:

Appart of note this for other users in my case, please, can gnome@ rethink 
libgnomevfs2 patches?

I think that, if a gnome user need a kde app (very rare case), he may use the 
same env to include /usr/local/share/ or what he needs of special.

Thanks in advance,

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