FreeBSD port of CONNECT BY patch for pgsql

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Wed Mar 16 09:24:35 PST 2005

On Wednesday 16 March 2005 07:16 am, you wrote:
> --On tisdag, mars 15, 2005 22.38.33 -0700 John Nielsen
> <john at> wrote:
> > I am interested in creating a FreeBSD port of PostgreSQL 8.0.1 that
> > incorporates the CONNECT BY patch found here:
> >
> >
> > Second, what would be the best approach in structuring the port?  Mr.
> > Potemkin distributes his modifications as a single diff against the
> > postgres source tree.  In addition to needing this file, the port will
> > also  need to add devel/bison as a build dependency due to the way the
> > diff is  built and applied (I didn't have bison installed, and had to
> > scratch my  head for a while on that one).
> OK. Here I see a problem, we have to use a modern enough bison. It seems
> that detecting on ${LOCALBASE}/bin/bison-devel is enough? Are you sure
> that bison1875 won't work? It does work for unpatched postgresql sources.

I should have said "devel/bison-devel" above, since that's what I actually 
used (and it worked fine).

> > I followed this procedure for both the client and the server, since
> > they are  distinct FreeBSD ports (even though they are both built from
> > the same  source tree).
> I would imagine that the patches are all for the server, though? Not that
> it matters much. It does modify some header files as well, though I
> wouldn't know if they are needed for anything outside the backend anyway.
> For reasons of simplicity, the client part of the port installs *all*
> headers...

I included the client just to be safe.  If installing an unpatched client 
before and/or after installing the patched server doesn't break anything 
then it's just the server I'd woorry abut (I'll test this).

> > Would it be possible to do all this as a slave port of the existing
> > postgresql80?  Would it be better/easier to duplicate the existing port
> > and  make changes on top of it?
> My suggestion is this: Add an option to the current postgresql80-server
> port (something like "use hier patch (EXPERIMENTAL)"). When this option
> is checked, add PATCH_SITES and PATCHFILES, and probably an extra
> PKGNAMESUFFIX hier. Also, add some blurbs to README files, and perhaps
> install en extra README for this (could be practical since it could be
> used to differentiate a standard pg install from a pg-hier install, in
> case some new port you create would need this functionality).
> Since the patch should probably be considered "experimental", there's
> really no need to have a port of its own, IMHO. It seems easier to just
> add an optional patch for the normal port? Maybe I'm wrong here?

That's an excellent suggestion, and one I hadn't considered.  I'll take that 

> Potential problem is if the hier patchset is not updated fast enough when
> postgresql is updated.

Good point.  I'll get with the author and consider how devoted I'd like to 
be to this before I submit a PR.

> > What would be the best way to apply the patchset within the ports
> > framework?   As written, the diff needs to be applied from the work
> > directory rather  than the base of the source distribution directory,
> > so I can't just drop it  in the port's files directory (can I?).
> patch takes the -p argument, use it with -p1 or perhaps -p2 will fix
> this.

I'll experiment with that.

> > Third, what's the protocol for updating the CONFLICTS of other affected
> > ports?
> I'm not sure I understand this question? Check porter's handbook,
> CONFLICTS takes normal shell wildcards. What other affected ports would
> conflict?

Never mind--I didn't think this through all the way.  It's especially a 
non-issue if I just add the patch as an option to the existing port.

As for naming, I'll just tack  on a 'hier' extension.


John Nielsen

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