boinc-client 4.66 and boinc-setiathome 4.07 with GUI support

J.R. Oldroyd fbsd at
Wed Mar 16 08:21:21 PST 2005

Several other changes between the current port versions and
these new ones are worth noting:

1. The /usr/local/boinc directory has been eliminated.
   The former contents are now in:
   This was required to simplify the ports of other client
   apps which expect these more standard install locations.

2. The main shell script to run boinc has been renamed
   from "boinc-client" to just "boinc".

3. The boinc and client apps are now installed using simpler
   names like "foo", rather than "foo-vers-portbld-freebsdx.x".

4. The rc.d/ shell script to start boinc at boot time
   has been made common to all versions of FreeBSD, and the
   code to stop boinc has been cleaned up.

5. The GUI management interface is included as "boincmgr".
   Read the man page regarding proper setup of your xhost
   permissions in order to get the GUI status screens to

6. The split use of "foo" and "" for the main client
   app and its graphics lib is supported.  However this
   does not currently work for the SETI app, so SETI is
   compiled as a single monolithic "foo" at the moment.  It
   does work for the forthcoming EAH app, though.


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