Problems with help2man and perl during Gnome upgrade

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jb.quenot at
Wed Mar 16 06:08:45 PST 2005

* Fernan Aguero:

> If  this  is  the  case, the  recommended  procedure  to  update
> your  perl  and  all  of  the  modules,  is  the  one  shown  in
> /usr/ports/UPDATING, read the entry for 20050201

Thanks for that information.

> BUT, once you install perl from  ports you MUST run the use.perl
> script to  adjust symlinks  and other  necessary things  so that
> only ONE perl is seen and used.

The problem is that until upgrading Gnome I never cared about what
perl dists got installed.  I don't use perl myself, it's the ports
system that  is using it,  so I'm  warning about a  possible Gnome
upgrade problem for other users.

Apparently, the Gnome ports  and especially help2man are expecting
Perl 5.8 or at least only one perl port without enforcing it.
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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