Problems with help2man and perl during Gnome upgrade

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jb.quenot at
Wed Mar 16 02:51:22 PST 2005


First, thank you very much for  the efforts of bringing the latest
Gnome to FreeBSD.

Before the upgrade, I had two perl dists installed, namely 5.6 and
5.8.   I discovered  that  after trying  to run,
which  failed  at  help2man, depending  on  p5-Locale-gettext  not
installed in the perl dist used by this port.

The problem with help2man is that its configure script is designed
to call  "perl" or  "perl5" directly,  maybe the  configure script
could be patched with the real perl given by

I find  it also surprising to  be able to have  several perl dists
installed.  I haven't come across a conflict, ever!

I  decided to  deinstall  the  old 5.6  perl,  but help2man  still
couldn't install, because  the symlinks to the  perl executable in
/usr/bin were removed when deinstalling perl 5.6.

Soooo!   I  tried  to  place  the  links  myself,  but  help2man's
configure complained that  pod2man was missing.  So  I removed the
broken perl 5.8, and pod2man reappeared.  Then, help2man was happy

Besides that and a couple of other failures, I can now happily run
Gnome 2.10.  Thank you!
Jean-Baptiste Quenot

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