gdesklets-sysinfo-0.26_1 AND gdesklets in general

Soeren Larsen soeren at
Wed Mar 16 01:24:47 PST 2005

Franz Klammer wrote:
> tried to fix this but i seems that sysinfo didn't work with
> the latest gdesklets-port.
> also didn't find sysinfo at
> any more so it seems to me that this port is dead.

I jumped the Gnome 2.10 wagon and at the same time sacrificed 
(unintentionally) gdesklets - to be more precise, StarterBar. It seems 
to complain about gtkhtml2? Anyhow, I can find gtkhtml and gtkhtml3 in 
the ports but not a gtkhtml2. I tried installing both of these versions 
with no better result, so for now the StarterBar is a no go.

// Soeren

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