FreeBSD port of CONNECT BY patch for pgsql

John Nielsen john at
Tue Mar 15 21:36:46 PST 2005


I am interested in creating a FreeBSD port of PostgreSQL 8.0.1 that 
incorporates the CONNECT BY patch found here:

I have successfully compiled and installed the modified postgres on my 
system, and I'd like to save myself and others in the future the trouble I 
went to.  Before I proceed, I have a few questions.

First, am I duplicating anyone else's effort?

Second, what would be the best approach in structuring the port?  Mr. 
Potemkin distributes his modifications as a single diff against the 
postgres source tree.  In addition to needing this file, the port will also 
need to add devel/bison as a build dependency due to the way the diff is 
built and applied (I didn't have bison installed, and had to scratch my 
head for a while on that one).

The procedure I followed (and the one I'd like the port to emulate) was 
fetch (including patch)
install FreeBSD patches from existing port (make patch)
install hier patchset

I followed this procedure for both the client and the server, since they are 
distinct FreeBSD ports (even though they are both built from the same 
source tree).

Would it be possible to do all this as a slave port of the existing 
postgresql80?  Would it be better/easier to duplicate the existing port and 
make changes on top of it?

What would be the best way to apply the patchset within the ports framework?  
As written, the diff needs to be applied from the work directory rather 
than the base of the source distribution directory, so I can't just drop it 
in the port's files directory (can I?).

Third, what's the protocol for updating the CONFLICTS of other affected 

And finally, what would be a good naming convention?  I've considered 
postresql_hier-server with postgresql_hier80-server as the directory name.

Please CC me on replies, as I'm not subscribed to ports at .


John Nielsen

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