Max recursion level (500) exceeded.

Lee Harr missive at
Tue Mar 15 15:11:25 PST 2005

> > >> make: Max recursion level (500) exceeded.: Resource temporarily
> > >unavailable
> > >>

> > >Usually caused by setting an illegal option (usually USE_*) in the
> > >environment, make.conf or command-line.
> > >
> >

> > The only one I have is
> >

>USE_* are never legal to specify in the user environment; they are for
>internal port use only and cause recursions if they're present
>globally.  You want WITH_*/WITHOUT_*.

Ah.  That fixed it.

I have had that in there for a long time... not exactly sure what I
was trying to accomplish with it, but I guess I will do it some other
way now  :o)

Thanks for your time!

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