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> I have not complained aobout this for some years now, although it's  
> really
> and truly been a thorn in my side ... but I thought, well, I am probably
> OK to complain once per decade.  Here is my bitch:
> Refers to ports that include the kitchen sink, and DON'T do it as  
> options.
> The one that caused me to really bitch this time is gnome, and it's the
> printing option, but it's the same with KDE: they both FORCE you to
> install CUPS, which I abhor, and have the most horrible time with.  I
> personally am in love with Andreas' fantastic port print/apsfilter, and I
> just can't see why it's necessary to force folks to install this port.   
> In
> my own opinion, one line in the pkg-descr that infomed about a  
> gnome-print
> port wouild have been a whole lot better.

Add 'WITHOUT_CUPS=yes' w/out quote in your make.conf. I have GNOME  
installed in my system and I don't even have any of CUPS installed. As for  
KDE, I have no idea if it has option but if it has then it should be same  

If you are talking about other than build/install, but itself apps that  
don't provide any option then please contract to the developers. We are  
just a packager.

> It's quite the same for audio, or many other apps.  Everyone seems to  
> have
> this built in need to have their port be the biggest, like they're on
> piece vs. time pay or something, I dunno.
> It would not be hard, not be difficult, to fix things, and this would
> REALLY improve our ports.
> OK, I don't require folks agree with me, just that they listen, and I  
> have
> herewith had my once-per-decade rant.  Back to being an occaisonal pita.
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