Chuck Robey chuckr at
Tue Mar 15 12:03:56 PST 2005

I have not complained aobout this for some years now, although it's really
and truly been a thorn in my side ... but I thought, well, I am probably
OK to complain once per decade.  Here is my bitch:

Refers to ports that include the kitchen sink, and DON'T do it as options.
The one that caused me to really bitch this time is gnome, and it's the
printing option, but it's the same with KDE: they both FORCE you to
install CUPS, which I abhor, and have the most horrible time with.  I
personally am in love with Andreas' fantastic port print/apsfilter, and I
just can't see why it's necessary to force folks to install this port.  In
my own opinion, one line in the pkg-descr that infomed about a gnome-print
port wouild have been a whole lot better.

It's quite the same for audio, or many other apps.  Everyone seems to have
this built in need to have their port be the biggest, like they're on
piece vs. time pay or something, I dunno.

It would not be hard, not be difficult, to fix things, and this would
REALLY improve our ports.

OK, I don't require folks agree with me, just that they listen, and I have
herewith had my once-per-decade rant.  Back to being an occaisonal pita.

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