fails on gtk-gnutella

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Mon Mar 14 12:09:39 PST 2005

+----[ Clint Olsen <clint at> (14.Mar.2005 16:56):
| My ports are updated nightly, so I'm pretty confident that isn't the
| problem.  I've also tried to manually build this port and received the same
| error:


| pbarcellrenderer.h:66: error: redefinition of `struct _GtkCellRendererProgress'
| pbarcellrenderer.h:71: error: redefinition of `struct _GtkCellRendererProgressClass'
| *** Error code 1
| Has anyone else seen this?
| Thanks,
| -Clint

Yes, me. See

However, I do not have a solution :(

I'm taking the opportunity to add the gtk-gnutella
maintainer to the CCed parties.


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