FreeBSD Port: xfce4-4.2.0

David Nies davidnies at
Mon Mar 14 11:02:53 PST 2005


I've had the same problem, but I found a fix for the undefined reference
- at least it worked on my machine:


Go to the ports/x11-wm/xfce4-desktop/work/xfdesktop-4.2.0/src directory.
In this directory, edit the file: xfce-desktop.c. Go to line number 137,
the line before ``count_elements(const gchar **list)''. This line should
be ``G_INLINE_FUNC gint'', and replace it with ``static inline gint''.
This fixed the problem. It compiled correctly and runs without problems.


G_INLINE_FUNC is a definition on how to compile inline functions in 
glib12. I didn't find such a definition in glib-2.0. One of the possible 
definitions of G_INLINE_FUNC is ``static inline'', and this one worked 
for me.


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