using the pkgdb tools

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sun Mar 13 22:06:47 PST 2005

I need to understand how to better manipulate the pkg database.  I have in
my hands a very nice example of stuff I need to get done, and don't know
how to do.  Help!

The example is python, going from py24 to python (which just happens to be
version 2.4m imagine that?)  How do I determine the relied upon py24, and
see to it that those depends now point off towards python?  I don't want
to break the py24 links, I want to move them to being python links.  I
would guess it has something to do with the pkgdb tools, but the
prompting for input in that tool maybe have well have been done in ancient
greek, for allthe sense it's making to me.

Cam someone actually show me a script of a sesion that would start off the
job I ned to do?  I think I could get the list of ports that lied on py24
(I'm a fair python hand, and I think I could get this from pkg_info) but I
haven't any idea how to manipulate the pkgdb tool, and I truly need help
with those awful prompts.

Thanks!  Tb be very honest, what's driving me is, I'm attempting to make
use of the script that the gnome folks provide, but it needs closer
control of the package database than I know how to provide.  I can read
it, but I can't set it.

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