ports/78687: Warning cleanups for graphics/URT port

Simon Barner barner at FreeBSD.org
Fri Mar 11 10:13:53 PST 2005

[Cc'ed freebsd-ports, further discussion should happen there]

Hello Pedro, others,

IMHO these kinds of patches do not belong into the ports collection in
the first place. While they are correct, and reduce the number of
compiler warnings and improve the general quality of the code, they are
not necessary to make the software run on FreeBSD.

Is there any chance to have those changes integrated upstream, i.e. by
the authors of URT?

If that's not the case (because the software is abandoned), or the do
not plan a new release within a reasonable timeframe, I'd prefer to have
those patches bundled in one file, say patch-FIX-WARNINGS, so that our
repository is not clobbered with a dozend of small, non-FreeBSD specific

So, to sum this up: I really appreciate your work very much, but IMO the
ports collection is not the best place to store your patches.

Perhaps someone else from the ports@ list can share her/his opinion with


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