CONFLICTS for build, not for install ?

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Thu Mar 10 14:10:13 PST 2005

# molter at / 2005-03-10 16:50:48 +0100:
> I am trying to update a port (graphics/enblend) that contains its own
> version of a library that is a port too: graphics/vigra.
> The source code for enblend does some
> #include <vigra/foo>
> #include "vigra/bla"
> expecting to include the version of vigra contained in enblend itself.
> It seems also that it is mixing at random <> and "". The net effect is
> that there are 2 cases:
> 1. if graphics/vigra is not installed, then enblend compiles and
>    installs fine.
> 2. if graphics/vigra is installed, then the compile of enblend 
>    breaks.
> I tried just setting
> CONFLICTS= vigra*
> but is seems that CONFLICTS is tested before installing, while I
> need it to be tested before building.
> Suggestions? I'd like to avoid rewriting all the #include, although
> it might be automated with some sed scripting.

    (not tested)

    	${GREP} -FIlr '<vigra/' ${WRKSRC} | ${XARGS} ${REINPLACE_CMD} \
    	  -e '/#[[:space:]]*include/s,<(vigra/[^>]+)>,"\1"#'

    or something like that?

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