C++ issue on 4.11: kpopupmenu.h [Please review]

Mike Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Thu Mar 10 11:38:30 PST 2005

Simon Barner wrote:

 > Volker Stolz wrote:
 > [...]
 >> As far as I know, all systems with NULL != 0L have either been 
molten down
 >> or are otherwise not in a position to run KDE :)
 > Volker,
 > AFAIK, null pointers in C++ are supposed to be written as 0 (or OL for
 > (some?) 64 bit platforms).

In the context of a pointer (that is, wherever a pointer value is 
expected), the constant 0 *is* a null pointer, regardless of what actual 
  underlying value is stored for such pointers.  That is, (int)0 and 
(void *)0 do not have to be the same sequence of bits.  The NULL typedef 
is simply used to force the 0 constant to be a pointer by typecasting it 
to (void *), so the compiler can never confuse it with an integeral 

Or, to summary the answer to the OP's question:

For ALL systems that are standards compliant, NULL == (void *)0.  For 
most currently operating modern processors, (void *)0 is saved as a 
32-bits-zero or 64-bits-zero number.  However, those two statements are 
coincidentally, not causally, related.


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