Problem with Skype

Cedric Lamalle cedric at
Thu Mar 10 08:13:42 PST 2005

It did the trick,
I've put enableXft=false in General section of ~/.qt/qtrc and it worked.

Thanks a lot !

Alexander Leidinger wrote:

> Cedric Lamalle <cedric at> wrote:
>> I'm having a display problem with Skype 1.0.0.x. The main window is 
>> showing up 2000 pixels wide, and fonts aren't displaying. I didn't 
>> have this problem with beta versions. Anyone encountered a similar 
>> problem ?
> Do you have a qt config file in your home directory? If yes, and if font
> antialiasing is enabled in the config: please disable the font 
> antialiasing.
> Bye,
> Alexander.

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