Ion3 port ?

Xavier Maillard zedek at
Wed Mar 9 23:13:51 PST 2005

On 10 Mar 2005, Christopher Nehren wrote:

> On 2005-03-09, Xavier Maillard scribbled these
> curious markings:
> > Is there any plan on porting Ion3 into FreeBSD ? I tried by
> > myself but it failed at configure stage arguing my system
> > didn't have a dlopen function (Ion2 has been installed
> > without any trouble here).
> > 
> > Any idea ?
> </rant>
> Since, as I said, this is one of GNU's typically incorrect and
> annoyingly numerous assumptions, many applications in the ports
> tree have fixes for this assumption already -- there may even
> be a specific variable that you can set in the Makefile, but I
> didn't find anything by a quick grep through /usr/ports/Mk/*
> (that'd be a nice addition, IMO, since it *is* such a common
> part of configure scripts, and it'd save the ports maintainers
> a few moments' of work so they can do other things).

Ok, I will try to find such a fix in one of the ports. Concerning
your thought on GNU asumptions, I can't tell if it is right or
not but I agree that numerous GNU developers just think of
GNU/Linux system. I am facing these problems now I am using
FreeBSD :/

Thank you for your help Christopher.
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 know what to do with emacs once it is finished."

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