FreeBSD Ports: blackbox-0.70.0, boxtools-0.70.0, bbpager-0.4.0, bbkeys-0.9.0

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Wed Mar 9 22:52:41 PST 2005

Matt and all BB fans,

I have been to to the brink of insanity and come back with updated ports of
blackbox, boxtools, bbpager and bbkeys:

blackbox-0.70.0     A small and fast window manager for X11R6
boxtools-0.70.0     Style tools for the blackbox family of window managers
bbpager-0.4.0       A pager for the Blackbox window manager
bbkeys-0.9.0        A keygrabber for the Blackbox window manager

You can get the port tarballs and patches[1] and packages[2] built on
5.4-PRERELEASE from my site. [If you really want 4.x packages and can't
manage it yourself, then let me know].

I'm not yet sure how to approach the issue of PRs for these updates since
while I am happily running all these, the bbpager port is based on the
current CVS branch as there is no 0.4.0 release (yet)*. The bbpager-0.3.1
port does not work with the others.

Another issue is that various files have moved or changed, commands have
been added, various config files have changed syntax, at least one command
has changed switches and this has not been addressed in these ports. If you
update, then be prepared to mess with the names and contents of various
config files. If you're comfortable messing with these, then please go
ahead and update and give feedback.

In case you're wondering, the new stuff is worth trying. So far, it's all
running perfectly for me[3].

FYI, the correct answer to the libbt.pc location comes courtesy of Ade
Lovett and is to add "USE_GNOME= gnomehack pkgconfig" to the Makefile. This
automagically does the path substitutions.

* [If you build from CVS, then you'll need autoconf-2.59_2 and
   automake-1.5_2,1. Run aclocal15 ; autoheader259 ; automake15 --foreign
   -a -c ; autoconf259 and create a tarball of the (renamed) bbpager-0.4.0
   directory to use as the distfile.]

[3] [nb. Colours aren't right]

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