FW: about awstats port package

Jordan Ostreff jordan at ostreff.info
Sun Mar 6 06:47:20 PST 2005


e-mail of awstats port maintainer firewolf at lightningfire.net is not valid
address :-(


I have patched awstats port to install new 6.4 version, but will be better
to be updated port on cvsup server. 

Change is only in Makefile line 9: PORTVERSION=    6.4 

and also into 


MD5 (awstats-6.4 .tgz) = 056e6fb0c7351b17fe5bbbe0aa1297b1

SIZE (awstats-6.3.tgz) = 918435



From: Jordan Ostreff [mailto:jordan at ostreff.info] 
Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 12:56 PM
To: firewolf at lightningfire.net
Cc: 'Jordan Ostreff'
Subject: about awstats port package



I have just try to install awstats on my new web site www.ostreff.info
<http://www.ostreff.info/> , but see that port is not updated to new 6.4


awstats-6.3 has known vulnerabilities:

awstats -- arbitrary command execution.


Please update your ports tree and try again.


I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused you, but will this port
updated soon? 


Regards, Jordan






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