Help with problems to upgrade enblend

Carlos Eduardo cartola at
Sat Mar 5 13:52:16 PST 2005

Hi people,

I'm having problems to compile the new version of the enblend port.

I'm trying to upgrade it from 1.3 to 2.2 version. It's quite a simple
port, but
it brings with it some vigra code necessary to compile it. The problem
is that
vigra is also another port I've made and they are conflicting. I guess
the vigra code that
comes with enblend is older than the new 1.3.0 port of vigra.

When vigra is not installed enblend gets compiled easily, but when it's
installed the process
doesn't work out. I've tried some CPPFLAGS sets putting
"-I../../include" before the system
"-I/usr/local/include" but it always gets to include vigra
from /usr/local. When I set CPPFLAGS
only to "-I../../include" the compilation doesn't find the tiff headers,
also necessary...

I've tried to change some Makefiles, but also didn't get any change that
solved the problem.

Can someone help me? Or maybe put a "CONFLICTS" tag would be ok? I guess
it's a little poor
solution... mainly because enblend is part of the "panorama package"
complementing hugin,
that depends on vigra...

Thanks, [ ]s,

Carlos E. G. Carvalho           OpenIT Solucoes Tecnologicas
Consultor Unix/Internet         Tel. +55 21 2508-9103
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