marked as broken - P5-Log-Dispatch-2.10

David Landgren david at
Sat Mar 5 09:27:11 PST 2005

marrandy wrote:

>In the ports there are some for RT (Request Tracker) 
>During the build, it aborts with :-
>P5-Log-Dispatch-2.10 is marked as broken:   Build fails  error code 1  stop...

There is something wrong with the port then, there's nothing wrong with 
the module. The current version of Log::Dispatch (v2.10) has a perfect 
testing record. See

>Prior to this, their are a whole bunch of perl builds where the t.gz isn't at  
>the first several sites checked.  It finally downloads from a site at an 
>Israeli University.

Fix your /etc/make.conf then. Set the MASTER_SITE_PERL_CPAN variable to 
point to a CPAN mirror that's close to you. Take a look at to find a close site. If in doubt, traceroute 
the likely candidats to find the one that is topologically the closest, 
or try a couple out and see which one offers you the most bandwidth.

>How do I fix this issue ?

Make sure you're downloading the latest version. If the problem 
persists, file a bug report at, and then ports will pick up 
the fix in turn. If you're really stuck, create an account on and ask your question there. Plenty of savvy 
FreeBSDers hang out there.


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