marked as broken - P5-Log-Dispatch-2.10

marrandy marrandy at
Sat Mar 5 08:12:47 PST 2005

On Saturday 05 March 2005 10:15, you wrote:

> Submit a patch with send-pr(1) that corrects the problem(s).
> Kris

Hello Kris.

Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer, haven't submitted patches before and 
really don't know what the message means or why it was added.  I had already 
emailed the maintainer, autriju  at, but he is probably busy, 
as we all are.

Background - There is an issue with the current helpdesk/inventory software at 
work and I was hoping to offer Request Tracker (there is also Roundup, OTRS & 
Eventum) as a possible replacement, but the current 30-day timetable, after 
3-days, has just changed to 10-days so I'm under the bullet to install and 
test a suitable alternative.  The RT-3/3.2 port seemed the best way to get it 
installed, up and running and then there is data transfer from the other 
system, which is another matter.
If the port is broken and not fixable in time, then my best option, at the 
moment, seems to be to build from source.
It's unfortunate, as the port would have saved me a lot of time

Thanks for the reply.


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