Ports with version numbers going backwards: audio/festival

chkversion eik+chkversion at FreeBSD.org
Sat Mar 5 01:41:30 PST 2005

** The following ports have a version number that sorts before a previous one **

 For many package tools to work correctly, it is of utmost importance that
 version numbers of a port form a monotonic increasing sequence over time.
 Refer to the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook, 'Package Naming Conventions' for
 more information. Tools that won't work include pkg_version, portupgrade
 and portaudit. A common error is an accidental deletion of PORTEPOCH.

 Please fix any errors as soon as possible.

- *audio/festival* <trevor at FreeBSD.org>: festival-1.4.1_2 < festival-1.4.3
   | revision 1.24
   | date: 2005/03/04 15:20:28;  author: kris;  state: Exp;  lines: +2 -1
   | Restore previous port version (revert local change accidentally
   | committed)
   | Submitted by:	Tod McQuillin <devin at spamcop.net>

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