net/liveMedia is unfetchable

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Wed Mar 2 23:44:31 PST 2005

Adam Weinberger wrote:
> Adam Weinberger wrote:
>> Adam McLaurin wrote:
>>> The live.2005.02.14.tar.gz tarball no longer exists on
>>> (since they upgraded to
>>> 2005.02.28), and doesn't exist on any of the FreeBSD mirrors. It's a bit
>>> inconvenient that they don't leave old versions available for download
>>> ....
>>> Norikatsu, if you get a chance, can you update the port?
>> I emailed nork a bit ago about this. I suspect he's been AFK for a 
>> bit. If anybody sends me the 20050214 tarball, I'll host it.
> K. Give it about an hour for the distfile to propogate to the mirrors, 
> and the port should be fetchable.

Actually... now, thanks to the script-fu of Randy Pratt (rpratt), 
liveMedia tarballs will be stored in my MASTER_SITE_LOCAL area for 30 
days after their decommissioning by the good folks at So, 
nork: please leave MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR set to adamw, and we'll have a 
reliable backup.

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