What to do about a "lost" PR?

David Landgren david at landgren.net
Tue Mar 1 10:39:59 GMT 2005


I opened a PR in November 2004 regarding the pcre (Perl Compatible 
Regular Expressions) library. All I wanted to do was to add 5 lines to 
the Makefile (i.e., it's not rocket science), in order to allow people 
to specify the --link-size option that can be fed to the configure script.


A couple of weeks later, the PR was "handed over to maintainer". Since 
then there's been no activity that I can see.

I sent a polite message to the e-mail address of the maintainer in early 
January asking if they had any idea on when my patch could be folded in, 
whilst acknowledging that they may have a Life and may not have the time 
to respond in a timely manner. I never heard anything back.

It's now March, and the PR is still open. What does one do in a case 
like this? May I become a committer for this port?


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