FreeBSD Port: gdesklets-0.33.1_1

Franz Klammer klammer at
Tue Mar 1 08:46:11 GMT 2005

thurners at wrote:
> I didn't add a startup program to my session manually. I just saved the
> session at the logout dialog.
> The way adding "gdesklets start" at startup programs works but I want
> gdesklets to work when the session is saved automatically.

the, unfortunately not very helpful, answer is found in the
ChangeLog from 2005-01-31:

* shell/plugins/gDeskletsClient/ Removed gnome-session
   support, it never entirely worked. xfce users will be happy now, since
   it was conflicting with xfce-session. If you still want to start
   gdesklets on GNOME startup you can add it in gnome-session-properties.
   This also saves some memory and maybe has also a performance impact.


> best regards
> -Nicole

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